10 Ways to Get the Most Out of iTunes


Add Art

iTunes already downloads album cover art to help you identify songs in your playlists. But why not take it one step further, and take control of what art appears where during your iTunes experience?

Several applications, such as DockArt and CD Art Display, let you control the art shown on your screen when a certain song is playing. You may want to have the iTunes icon in the Mac application dock change to the album cover. Maybe you want to change the skin on your iTunes interface. However you want to change the visual experience you have when using iTunes, there are programs available to do just that [source: Herrman].

If you're interested in truly customizing your iTunes experience, you may want to consider creating your own skins for the program. The technical knowledge and tools needed to do this are beyond the scope of this article, but the Web is filled with resources, such as forums and how-to sites, that can guide you through the basics of creating iTunes skins. Now, if you have the interest and willingness to do the work yourself, the visual appeal of your iTunes experience can better complement the audio and video experience.