How to Make a Facebook Business Page


What good is the best page in the world (as yours surely is) if nobody knows about it? It's time to tell the world -- or at least your corner of it -- that you're ready to interact. Fortunately, Facebook offers ways to define that world and engage potential customers.

Try creating an advertisement. A nice feature here is that as you define your demographic Facebook lets you know exactly how many people your ad is going to reach. You can define this demographic using geography, age, gender, interests or other parameters. Just watch out that you don't narrow your customer focus so much that you end up advertising to only five people. Costs for ads vary based on a bid system, so take time to learn the system and watch your budget [source: Facebook].

Once you've defined your market demographic, how do you engage them? Besides updating your status regularly -- an absolute essential -- be sure not to treat your posts just as advertising space.

That doesn't mean you can't plug your stuff. If you do it in a fun and engaging way using contests or special coupons just for your followers, you'll get a much more positive reaction and sound a little less desperate. You're a business, not a charity. Use the available Facebook apps and social plugins to help jazz up your page and make it more interactive [source: Silverman, Shin].

Another great way to increase your exposure is to tag other businesses in your posts. Just type the @ symbol right before the name of the business you want to tag and your post not only appears on your page, but also on the page of the business you just tagged. This lets you be seen by their fans as well. Done right and in a relevant way, it scratches the back of the other business back so they can scratch yours in return [source: Lawson].

Once you get the word out and your page is ready, what happens when people start following your posts and "liking" your business? We'll look at how to handle user feedback in the next section.