How to Make a Facebook Business Page

Handling Comments

One of the worst things you can do to your new business page is handle comments poorly. It's a tricky situation. Do you even allow visitors to your page to post comments? Will deleting negative comments tell people you're unresponsive? Will not deleting them tell people to avoid your apparently horrible business?

As a business, you should be speaking with a single voice. Even if you have several people authorized to write posts, your page manager should be responsible for making sure nobody's contradicting anyone else, writing duplicate posts, or otherwise making you look silly.

And speaking of looking silly, if you plan on making any major move that your customers could construe as unfavorable to them, then you can learn a lesson from Netflix. When they reshuffled their pricing structure in July 2011, raising the monthly subscription for many of their subscribers by more than half, their Facebook page got slammed [source: Suarez]. Most businesses won't have as many customers as Netflix, but you might still consider temporarily turning off user posts before making a major move. On the other hand, keeping access available could provide you with invaluable feedback for rethinking what you offer your customers.

Note that we haven't mentioned moderating posts, because that's one thing Facebook doesn't let you do. A few checkboxes let you limit the type of content users can post, and if they can post at all. You can also choose what keywords will block a comment entirely. Some companies even sell Facebook page management tools to help you keep up with your page.

Whether or not you choose a third party tool to help manage your page, you'll still need to figure out how to respond to user comments. Positive comments don't require a lot of management, though acknowledging such comments is important to make people realize you appreciate such things. Unfortunately, these aren't always the majority.

Negative comments can easily cause serious damage to your brand if you're not careful. Responding to valid complaints and suggestions can just as easily help your image. You either delete negative comments or, if you can determine a theme, leave a representative comment and respond to that one.

It seems like a lot of hard work, and it is. So how do you know when you're succeeding? You have tools to help you there too, as we'll see on the next page.