How to Make a Facebook Business Page

The Big Picture

While you're making all this effort to build your Facebook business page, don't lose sight of how it fits into your overall business plan. The page is there to help you, so make sure it does. There are a number of ways to do this.

First, don't forget to link to your business page from your main Web site. Same goes for your blog or other online initiatives you might have. Invite people to join in the discussions and special deals going on with your new Facebook presence.

On your business page itself, be sure to include links back to your main site. As we alluded to earlier, you should only include such a link in your posts when you have something specific and relevant to refer them to. Otherwise, it's like the boy who cried wolf. You might get them to go once, but then they'll think you're just unabashedly trying to drive traffic, and that won't win you any friends or customers.

Ultimately, the goal of your page is to increase revenue. Odds are this won't happen directly, but the more people you can engage and get interested in your business, the more likely this can happen. Promote special events held at your business. You can even use the occasion of responding to a user's comment to link to a relevant blog post or page on your main Web site. If the content and volume matches well enough, you can even kill two birds with one stone by feeding your blog post to your business page status updates [source: Belicove]. Don't rely too heavily on that though, because the redundancy is more likely to put off anyone who also follows the blog.

In the end, many Facebook business pages don't generate the traffic their creators hoped for. So what do you do if yours doesn't work the way you want? You can always drop it like a hot potato with the delete key, which if you have no followers is pretty risk-free. Maybe your customer base isn't online as much as you thought.

In most cases, it's more a matter of trying another approach. Take another look at your whole plan. You did make one, right? Though the site is free to use, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't spend some resources developing it. Like a lush garden, it takes nurturing and plenty of attention.

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