How to Upload Photos on Facebook

Uploading and Tagging Facebook Photos

Choose your images carefully, and tag them nicely. Don’t tag your friends in photos of questionable taste – otherwise you might lose a few pals.
Choose your images carefully, and tag them nicely. Don’t tag your friends in photos of questionable taste – otherwise you might lose a few pals.
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You already know how to use the "upload from your drive" feature to zip a single image to Facebook, but let's back up for a moment. When you follow the instructions on the previous page and see the "choose file" button, you'll also notice an option called "upload via e-mail." If you click on it, Facebook will send you a special, personalized e-mail address. When you create a new e-mail with a photo (or video) attachment and send it to this address, Facebook will post the image or video to your account.

These options are great for a photo or two, but you can also upload and organize many photos at once. Click "create an album" and then choose "select photos." Note that this uploader is powered by Adobe Flash, which doesn't work with all browsers and images. If you encounter problems, click on the link for the "basic uploader" and then you can choose up to five images for simultaneous transfer.

Once you click "select photos," choose the folder with the images you want. You can select multiple photos (up to 200) by holding down the Ctrl key while you click the desired images. Next, press the Enter key or hit the OK button.

Then you can type a name for your album and the location where the pictures were taken, as well as specify whether you want to upload high- or standard-resolution images. Unless you're using Facebook as a repository for your pictures, pick the standard-resolution option, as it greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to finish the transfer. You can also choose which groups of friends you want to have access to the album.

After you create the album, Facebook will prompt you to tag, or name, the people in your images. When you begin typing the first letters of the name of one of your Facebook friends, the rest will automatically appear. Facebook is also able to recognize the same person person in multiple photos, in essence tagging friends for you automatically.

When it comes to tagging, be kind and be cautious. Don't upload and tag pictures of your friends in compromising situations. Facebook makes it easier than ever before to humiliate your pals, but keep in mind that even in the digital age, what goes around, comes around. You can also skip tagging altogether, which your friends might very well appreciate.

Pictures tell a story that words cannot. From distant family to your flurry of online-only friends, pictures are the reason people check Facebook status updates obsessively and stay in touch with people they'd otherwise lose track of. So with caution in mind, go crazy with Facebook photos, and share stories for all your friends to see.

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