How to Split Screen on a Mac

By: Jeremy Glass  | 
Example of split screen mode on a Mac laptop`
Rather than work on multiple monitors, some users prefer to split the screen they're working in. It's easy to do on a Mac. Screenshot courtesy HowStuffWorks

For those folks who spend more than a few hours of the day on their computer, the ability to go split screen on their Mac can be a major time-saver, or just conducive to the way they work. With the ability to keep apps on one side of the screen and Word documents/Chrome tabs on the right or vice versa, you can work twice as fast with half the needed space.

In lieu of spending more money than you want on a second monitor, here's how you can achieve split screen mode on your Mac:


1. If you're on macOS Big Sur or Catalina, hover over the green full-screen button until "Tile Window to Left of Screen" or "Tile Window to Right of Screen" appears. Experiment between the two until you find a setup that works.

Split screen mode on Mac
Starting split screen mode on Mac
Screenshot by HowStuffWorks

2. If you're using macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra or El Capitan, going split screen is still a total breeze. Hold down the green full-screen button until the window shrinks. Drag to either side of your screen and release.

3. You're now ready to start working in split view. Click anywhere within the left or right window. Move the pointer to the top of the screen and wait for the menu bar to appear. You can swap window positions by dragging your window to either side and adjust the width by clicking the vertical line between each window.

4. Exit split screen by hovering over (or clicking) the green full-screen button until you see "Exit Split Screen." Push the button and call it a day.