Mac Computers

Mac computers have loyal fans, and some say Macs are better than PCs. Explore the different types of Macs, related software and common myths and questions.

Patent applications on file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office indicate that tech giant Apple is working on hydrogen fuel cells. When can we line up at our local Apple Store for our hydrogen-powered iPhones?

Steve Jobs changed the technology industry and our relationship with computers forever. Take a look at these pictures to learn about the life and success of this eccentric, enigmatic visionary.

Macs don't have a Print Screen key, but they do have several options for snagging screen captures.

Mac fans always talk about how easy and intuitive Apple's OS is to use. Is it really that simple to uninstall programs on a Mac?

Are you a Mac or a PC? Or, are you wondering what the difference is? We've broken down these computers to reveal their strengths and weaknesses.

Mac users have long lorded their computers’ virus immunity over PC users. But are Mac computers actually impervious to viruses, or is that just a tech myth?

Your Mac might have more germs than you think. Cleaning it is as important as cleaning the rest of your house.

Comparing a computer born of a single company to a category of pieced-together machines may not be strictly fair, but both sides in the Mac versus PC debate have valid points.

The iMac is often credited with bringing Apple back from the brink of disaster. What is it about this paradigm-shifting computer that intrigues and enchants users?

Without input/output technology like Thunderbolt, you wouldn't be reading this awesome blurb. So, how are Apple and Intel innovating on this integral part of computing systems?

Apple's MacBook reigned supreme from 2006 to 2010, when it was replaced by other models, though thousands are still in use. What made the best-selling Mac in history so great?

The PowerBook was replaced by the faster MacBook Pro in 2006 but the Pro got an even bigger boost of speed with its new Thunderbolt port. Let's take a look.

Apple's MacBook Air is touted as "the world's thinnest notebook." So how exactly does a laptop that's less than an inch thick compare to other notebooks?

Small in size but mighty in capabilities, the Mac Mini was first geared toward PC switchers. What do people say about it now?

In 2001, Apple released Cheetah, the first version of its new operating system, OS X. Where did OS X come from, and what technologies make it different from other operating systems?

When you use your Mac laptop, the last thing you worry about is getting burned. But Macs are known to run much hotter than PCs. What gives?

There's no question people love their Macs. So what's the deal? And why do these computers really cost more than PCs? Or do they?

The Mac App Store puts all Apple-approved Mac-compatible apps in one place for easy purchase and installation. Find out how it works.

Software developers, military groups and movie studios alike use code names to keep the lid on upcoming projects -- but what's up with the big cats, Apple?