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Due Today

Due Today's sorting and tagging features keep all pertinent information close at hand -- no scrambling to remember what a certain task means or why it needs to be done.
Due Today's sorting and tagging features keep all pertinent information close at hand -- no scrambling to remember what a certain task means or why it needs to be done.

It's hard to improve on something as simple and time-tested as a to-do list, but the convenient and well-chosen features of Due Today demonstrate that gadgets' evolving complexity, done well, can still feel intuitive. A basic handwritten bulleted list is an adequate friendly reminder, but when real motivation is necessary, nothing beats a tablet or phone's high-pitched alarm. Lakeridge Software charges $2.99 for Due Today, which, for all its tech-integration capability, is worth the upgrade from a pen and paper.

Due Today's sorting and tagging features keep all pertinent information close at hand -- no scrambling to remember what a certain task means or why it needs to be done. When a user adds a new task to Due Today, the item can be assigned a context (for example, categorized as a work project, a homework assignment, a household chore, or sending a birthday card). Projects can be broken down into sub-projects, so users can develop outlines on the go, and no element of the job is forgotten.

Due Today's alert function is one of the most compelling features of the app. Alerts can be set for one-time or regular chores. Remember birthdays, anniversaries and meetings with weekly, monthly and yearly reminders, or sync with Google Calendar to import existing commitments. When inputting a new task that starts at some point in the future and can currently be put off in favor of more pressing chores, a start date setting will issue an alert when the time comes. Due Today can also pressure procrastinators to play catch-up. Sometimes, when re-prioritizing on the fly, certain things just won't get done. Due Today understands, so the app's customizable alerts can be configured to issue reminders of hot-ticket tasks in days past.

Forget to set a reminder to bring your Android tablet? That's no excuse to blow off the entire day's agenda. Due Today's syncing feature can push your information to your smartphone or computer.

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