10 Convenient Android Tablet Apps



The Kindle for Android app is free.
The Kindle for Android app is free.

Multitasking is convenient, right? If you've already spent a few hundred bucks on your tablet, why shell out more for an e-reading device? The Kindle for Android app brings most of the functionality of the Amazon Kindle right to your tablet, and it's designed to take advantage of Honeycomb's best assets. The screen's been optimized for a large page view and easy menu navigation, and the touch screen makes for fun page-turning with a natural feel. Look up words with a dictionary feature, and search the text for names, places or favorite scenes. If you have the Kindle app on more than one device, the Whispersync feature will save and sync your spot to your other devices, as well as any notes or annotations you may have made.

The Kindle for Android app is free, and most new and recently-released e-books are available on Amazon for about ten bucks (although there is a sizable and growing collection of free downloads, including classic books and some magazines). So lend your Kindle to a friend, make your Android multitask a little harder and shed a little weight from your tote bag.