10 Convenient Android Tablet Apps



Cozi was designed to meet the needs of families.
Cozi was designed to meet the needs of families.

Cozi, a free app by Cozi Group, is another standout on the list of to-do and scheduling enablers that run on the Android tablet. Cozi is different because it was designed to meet the needs of families. Since cell phones are now generally accepted as must-have accessories for busy kids, they might as well be used for purposes beyond texting and Facebook.

Cozi allows families to sync and share a calendar, shopping list, and to-do lists, so they're easily accessible all the time. Each member of the family creates a login for the Cozi program that grants access to the family's account, where all the schedules and lists are stored. When a list or schedule is updated, it can be pushed to other family members' inboxes. The app's simplicity encourages family interaction. Color-coded schedules help parents keep track of kids' activities; whoever stops by the store on the way home can pick up the pet food and the ingredients for dinner and check off items as they go. The notes function enables people to leave messages for all to see, all in one place. An easy to use blog-like family journal stores memories and photos, and can be shared with selected people beyond the family account.

No more fridges stuffed with duplicates or left completely bare; no more kids scrambling for a ride home from practice. Cozi can help streamline a family no matter how scattered it is throughout the day.