How Coby Tablets Work

Coby Tablet Accessories

Coby tablets come with an e-book reader app that lets you download and read thousands of different books.
Coby tablets come with an e-book reader app that lets you download and read thousands of different books.
Courtesy of Coby

Because Coby's emphasis with the Kyros line is to deliver budget-friendly products, you won't find much in the way of extras in the box. Accessories include a carrying case, two USB cables, headphones and the obligatory power adapter.

You will also receive a plastic stylus to help you input commands. This is an important item to note, as it points (figuratively and literally) to specific design elements, especially with regard to the most inexpensive Kyros models.

The 7- and 8-inch variants have resistive touch screens, and the 10-inch models have capacitive touch screens (some future 7-inch models will come with capacitive screens as well). Resistive touch screens are cheaper to manufacture than capacitive screens, which is why they appear on the most economical Kyros tablets. Also, resistive screens often have less sharp and colorful displays than their capacitive cousins, and they don’t support the kinds of multi-touch (pinch, spread) commands that many capacitive screens understand.

Resistive screens are made up of two layers of conductive material separated by a gap. In order to register your command, you must press hard enough to close the gap and create a signal. Their mechanical function (and resulting possibility of failure), along with the need for user calibration and relatively thick screens, makes them less desirable than more dependable and responsive capacitive screens.

But lower component and production costs means lower costs to consumers. The Kyros tablets are extremely affordable and likely to tempt people who don't care about iPads or just want basic, budget-conscious portable computing.

Although none of the Kyros tablets pretend to be powerhouse devices, they do offer mobile computing capabilities in a form factor that's smaller than a laptop. For anyone who wants to join the tablet party, these models offer some of the most inexpensive ways to get your tech groove on.

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