How SVP Tablets Work

SVP Tablet Features

Make sure you check your tablets memory capability.
Make sure you check your tablets memory capability.

What's more fun than a tablet? Figuring out what you can do with it. Before you delve in to downloads and apps, though, it's a good idea to check out your tablet's memory capabilities. The SVP 7-inch tablet, TPC7901, and the SVP 10-inch tablet, TPC1013, both have 2GB internal memory, which means the tablet can hold about 500 songs -- but not much else. The option to add a 32GB microSD card will boost the tablet's memory power, but don't expect to use the tablet as a repository for your albums or e-books [source: Gronot]. This tablet's memory (or its 10-inch cousin) just can't handle it. One way around this is to add an aftermarket Wi-Fi hard drive, such as Seagate GoFlex, but this can up your price by about $200.

Although the SVP tablets run on Android operating systems, don't expect to gain access to Google's Android Marketplace. Instead, the tablets offer access to apps through SlideME Marketplace, an application store headquartered in Seattle, Wash., and founded in 2008. Alternatively, users can download Android apps from other stores, such as Amazon Appstore (only available in the U.S.), GetJar or AppBrain [source: Hoffman].

Like other tablets, users can download and listen to music on SVP tablets, which support MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and AAC+ audio files. The SVP tablets also serve as electronic book readers, adding to their suite of uses.

Silicon Valley Peripherals also manufactures and sells dedicated eReaders. The SVP EB701, for example, retails for $85. It features a 7-inch color, anti-glare LCD display and supports a number of book formats, including .txt, .doc and epub. The EB701 also has music download and playback capabilities [source: SVP]. Although they cost slightly more, the SVP 7-inch and 10-inch tablets can do this and more, so if you're looking for a way to play apps, listen to music -- and read e-books -- stick with a tablet.