How SVP Tablets Work

Author's Note

You've probably heard of the iPad, but now that a host of other companies are making their way into the tablet market, there are more options than ever. And there's only one expert you can turn to for advice: yourself. Trust me, you are your own best tech consultant -- at least when it comes to deciding which tablet to buy. Like me, you may not be a techie by day, but you can certainly become one by night (or whenever you have free time). You're the best person to determine whether you'll use the tablet for your musical library, your e-book collection, creating graphic-rich documents for work (or play) or goofing around with all the games you can handle. Once you determine this, it makes your next decisions easier. You'll know whether you need a ton of memory or speed, or high-resolution screen for stellar graphics -- or whether a more basic model will fit the bill.

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