Facebook on smartphone

If you have a smartphone, you can download and install the Facebook app, which lets you easily upload photos, in addition to many other Facebook tasks.

Image courtesy Nathan Chandler

Steps for Sending Pictures From Your Phone to Facebook

Many of today's phones fall into the smartphone category, and these devices can use applications, or apps. If that describes your phone (an iPhone, Android-based phone, Blackberry or other model), be sure to download the Facebook app. It lets you upload photos and engage with many other features of the site, too, including status updates, notifications and even chatting.

After you download and install the app, take a picture with your phone's camera. Once the image appears, you should see an option that allows you to share the picture directly to Facebook. You can add a caption to the image and, in some versions of the app, you may even be able to tag (name) the people in the photograph.

There's another way to upload images, so long as you can send e-mails with picture attachments. Point your browser to Facebook.com/mobile and find the "upload via e-mail" address. This is a personalized e-mail address provided solely for your Facebook account. As such, you should keep it totally private and not share it with anyone; otherwise, other people could use it to post photos to your account.

Save this e-mail address to your contacts. Then, take a picture and choose the option that lets you share it through a new e-mail. Send the picture to your personalized Facebook address, and the image will pop up in your "mobile uploads" album -- and in your status updates, too.

Because these types of technologies continually sprout new capabilities and copy-cats, there will always be alternative ways to achieve the same results. As of this writing, there were rumors of a brand new Facebook app -- designed specifically for photo-sharing -- for Apple's iPhone. The few details available regarding this app pointm to a lot of ramped-up features, including multi-user albums, tagging, filters and much more [source: Siegler].

So, if you can't get enough Facebook, and you can't stop snapping pictures with your phone, the future is a bright one, indeed. Your phone will let you blast a continuous stream of images to all of your friends at high speed for years to come.