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smart watch on man
Smart watches and other wearables are the next iteration of computers. This one tells the wearer's pulse. Guido Mieth/Getty Images

The latest trend in computing is wearable computers. Essentially, common computer applications (e-mail, database, multimedia, calendar/scheduler) are integrated into watches, cell phones, visors and even clothing. Many other wearables target outdoors enthusiasts and fitness freaks, allowing them to track their location, altitude, calories burned, steps, speed, and much, much more.

The Apple iWatch, now in its fourth incarnation, is one of the best reviewed wearables to date. This small watch has many of the functionalities of a full-blown smartphone. It lets you perform normal texting and email duties. And it has a built-in cell phone, unlike some other smart watches that must be paired with a phone to make calls. It even has a built-in electrical heart sensor that you can use to take an electrocardiogram and share it instantly with your doctor [source: Apple].

But watches are just the beginning. Sewn-in accessories for clothing are growing, as are smart eyeglasses, smart belts, sleep monitors, heart rate trackers and intelligent ear buds. A company called MC10 is even touting skin patches that will track various biological processes happening in your body [source: Pervasive Computing].

Wearables are indeed a new horizon in personal computing. Their flexibility and mind-warping potential speak to the idea that the computer revolution isn't over. If anything, the PC era might just be getting underway.

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