How Meebo Works

Getting Started with Meebo

­Friends can use Meebo to chat and ­play games.
­Friends can use Meebo to chat and ­play games.
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Getting started with Meebo is easy, beginning with the account set-up and Meebo sign in. Once that's accomplished, you're ready to IM or visit one of the Meebo rooms.

Setting Up a Meebo Account

  1. Go to Meebo, and click on the Meebo box at the far right.
  2. Click "Sign up" to open the registration window. You must be at least 13 years old to use Meebo. If Meebo hears from a reliable source that you're younger, your account will be terminated.
  3. Type in an ID name and password. Type the same password again after "Confirm," and click "Next."
  4. On the next screen, type your full name (which will not be shared) and e-mail address (used only to send lost passwords). Provide gender and age, if you want, and click "Create Meebo Account."
  5. In the New Connection box, choose your IM network (for example, AIM or Yahoo), give your screen name and password for that network, and hit "Sign On." Friends from that network will be added to your Meebo list. You can add your IM networks and access buddies from all of them simultaneously. You can use Meebo without creating an account by signing into one of the listed IM networks, but you won't be able to IM with friends using other networks.

Go to Meebo and sign on. You can check "Sign in as invisible" to be online but appear offline to your buddies.

To sign off, click "Sign Off" at the bottom of the buddy list.

Setting Preferences

To add another IM network, click on the Accounts icon and then "Already a User." Then add the network with your screen name and password for it, and click "Sign On."

The Preferences window lets you choose whether a sound plays when you send or receive an IM. You also can select a background for your screen and IM window from colors, or celebrity, rock group or fashion photos. And you can indicate whether you want emoticons (faces that show emotions) in your messages.


Your buddy list to the far right shows the friends you can IM from the networks you've added. Here's what each of the icons above the list does:

  • Yellow face with a plus sign - Click to add a buddy. Fill in the buddy's name and network, and click "Add Buddy." The buddy will receive and respond to a request to add you to his or her list. You'll need to click "Accept" to be added. To create a new buddy group, right click on any group header and then "Add New Group." Type a group name, and click "Add New Group." Drop and drag buddy names into the new group folder.
  • Yellow face with minus sign - Highlight a buddy's name, and click on this to remove the buddy from your list.
  • Talk bubble - Click to IM. Enter the buddy's name and IM network, and a chat window will open. The buddy list shows status icons for friends and an offline section so you know who's available.
  • Bubble and faces - Click to join or start a chat room.
  • Rectangle with an arrow - Click to create a pop-up buddy list.
  • Statement below the icons - Shows your availability. Click the triangle to change your status.

Now that you know the basics, let's find out more about features like Meebo rooms, chat logs and file sharing.