How Meebo Works

Meebo Rooms and Other Features

­Meebo's chat rooms allow for group chats as well as sharing photos and videos.
­Meebo's chat rooms allow for group chats as well as sharing photos and videos.
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Meebo rooms and other features give you more options than simply IMing your friends. You can visit one of the existing Meebo chat rooms or set up one of your own. With other Meebo features, you can keep saved conversations, share files or block buddies. You also can find answers to questions at Meebo help [source: Meebo blog].

Meebo Rooms

These chat rooms were added in May 2007 to provide group chat, as well as basic IM. You can participate as a Meebo member, or as a guest -- and you can share video, images, music or links to Web sites with other participants. You'll find a list of currently available rooms at the bottom of your Meebo page, once you've logged on. Or you can click on the Rooms icon at the top of the Meebo home page.

Featured rooms show the number of participants and types of recent media (images, pages, music, video) available to view. You also can choose a content-specific room by clicking on one of the topics in the list at the left.

To visit a room, click on one of the featured choices. Select a nickname, if you're a guest, or change your nickname if you're a Meebo user. Type a message inside the chat room to join in.

To create your own room, sign in and click on Create a Room. Type in a room name that's not already taken and click "Create New Room." You can include a room description and personalize with a room icon and color. You also can make the room private by requiring a password from visitors to enter. And you can embed your chat room on an external Web site, such as your MySpace page or blog.

Chat Logs

To save your IM conversations, go to Preferences and choose "Save IM history to view later." To view your conversations with a buddy, right click on that buddy's name and select "View Chat Logs." You can delete a buddy's chat logs -- but you have to delete all of them. Right click the buddy name, go to "View Chat Logs," and then click on and confirm "X Delete All."

File Sharing

As a Meebo user, you can send files of up to 10MB at a time, or 30MB per month, to anyone and receive files from other Meebo users. However, files expire four hours after being sent and file sharing doesn't work with Safari browsers.

To send a file, double click on the recipient's name in your buddy list and click "File Transfer." Double click on the file you want to transfer in the File Upload window. If you receive a file, you'll see a message in the IM window that your buddy has sent you a file, plus file name and size with a link. Click on the link to open or download the file.

Blocking Unwanted IMs

You can block a buddy to keep them from IMing you. Click on the buddy's name, select "Block (Name here)," and click "Block" to confirm this. The buddy will be moved to your offline list. To unblock the buddy, click on his or her name and select "Unblock."

To block future IMs from an unknown sender, click the Block icon on IM window showing the person's message. Click OK, and the person will be blocked from sending you more messages.

Meebo offers tools like Meebo Me, Meebo Mobile and Meebo Repeater to make it easier to use. Go to the next page to learn more about these features.