How MocoSpace Works

Using MocoSpace

MocoSpace was founded in 2005 by Jamie Hall and Justin Siegel. The company is based in Boston, Mass. [source: Roush]. In 2007 and 2008 the company received $7 million in funding [source: Schonfeld]. It reported more than 6 million registered users in March 2009, and as of the following May it was one of the most popular Web destinations for mobile phone users, topping even MySpace [source: Jackson].

Using MocoSpace is a lot like using other popular social networking Web sites. When you join the site, you'll get your own profile page which you can modify with backgrounds and other graphics. In addition, you can use your profile page to show photos of yourself and to share personal information. Your profile can include your name, age, relationship status, body type, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and whether or not you smoke, drink or have children. If you're looking for a certain type of relationship or person, you can include that information as well.

You can then create a list of friends and interact with them on the site. By adjusting your privacy settings, you can even make sure only certain people can view your personal information. In addition to photos, you can add videos or even start your own blog directly on your MocoSpace page.

MocoSpace has a few extra features beyond those included on other social network Web sites. There are chat rooms where you can talk with other MocoSpace members in real-time using a Java script. You can even create private rooms. There are also forums and classified ads. It's also possible to browse galleries of images posted by other users.

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