How Photobucket Works

Photobucket Pictures

Members can add descriptions, titles and tags to uploaded photographs.
Members can add descriptions, titles and tags to uploaded photographs.
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The heart of Photobucket's service is digital image storage. But images can come in many sizes and file types. Photobucket supports the following image file formats:

  • Graphics interchange format (.gif)
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group files (.jpg)
  • Portable network graphics files (.png)
  • Bitmap files (.bmp)

There are a few ways to describe images on the Internet. One way is to refer to the file size -- the number of bytes of information in a file. Another is to consider the resolution of the image, represented by the height and width of an image in pixels. Photobucket places limits on image and file sizes depending on the type of account the user has (more on accounts later). A basic account holder can upload images of up to 1 megabyte (MB) or up to 1024 x 768 resolution. Pro account holders can upload images that are up to 5 MB or have a resolution of 2240 x 1680 [source: Photobucket].

When you create an account with Photobucket, you have to agree with the site's terms of use. Part of that agreement states that Photobucket can delete or refuse to post any content for any reason. The purpose of this policy is to prevent users from posting offensive, pornographic, disturbing or illegal material. A user who uploads a taboo image and then direct links it to another site may find his or her photo link is gone after a few hours. Instead of the image, people visiting the site will only see a message stating the image's owner violated Photobucket's terms of use.

­Users can add labels to photos called tags. Tags help categorize photos, which comes in handy when you're searching for pictures of a specific person or event. The photo tagging function makes Photobucket more than just a photo storage site -- it's also a social networking site. Photo tags make it easy for users to connect with one another through simple searches.

Now we'll take a closer look at the account options Photobucket offers.