9 Sites That Let You View Your Web Traffic

Parse.ly Dash
Dash will come in handy for people trying to propel their online businesses forward. LuckyBusiness/ThinkStock

Parse.ly Dash might have a somewhat awkward name, but it's a dream come true for bloggers and proprietors of content-driven sites. Launched in 2012, it's a content management system that allows you to optimize your site based on detailed analysis of each article. Dash breaks down the articles on your site by author and subject, revealing the most popular posts in each category and who's reading them. It can also troll your archives, analyzing past articles and alerting you when an old post starts getting page views again. Tracking page views and traffic patterns can help you optimize your site and plan future articles.

Beyond digging into your own site's performance, Dash provides Web-wide topic trends in real time, allowing you to immediately tailor posts based on what's popular at the moment. A 2014 update featured the addition of videos and social media posts to content analysis. Dash is a pricey service, so it isn't for the casual blogger. But if you have the budget, it's a tool that you probably can't afford to be without.