9 Sites That Let You View Your Web Traffic

Clicky is an affordable analytics program that many people compare to Google Analytics. Believe_In_Me/ThinkStock

When the chatter turns to "advanced analytic suites," Clicky is always a popular topic of discussion. It's at the low end of the price scale (there's a very basic free version, and the pay version starts at $9.99 a month for 1 million monthly page views), but it gives a lot of bang for your buck. Clicky offers the same features that other analytic services do – unique visitor count, traffic patterns. But its claim to fame is its real-time analysis and "heatmaps," which show you where people tend to click and focus their attention on each page of your site.

Clicky users are also fond of its simple interface and the ability to view stats without going to Clicky's site. The program provides an on-site widget that lets you learn more information about your current visitors and referrers for a specific page or for your whole site.

Clicky is most often compared with Google Analytics. Although the Google service is free, many prefer Clicky, saying that it has fewer bells and whistles but an easier learning curve.