9 Sites That Let You View Your Web Traffic

Facebook Insights
Facebook Insights is convenient because it requires no installation. LuckyBusiness/ThinkStock

Facebook is the social media platform of choice for many online businesses. Some companies might even use a Facebook page in lieu of a website. If you know you get a lot of traffic and loyal customers from Facebook, it definitely pays to use Facebook Insights — it's the only program that gives you data about your Facebook audience.

You don't have to do a thing to install Facebook Insights or start using it: It automatically starts giving you reports once your page has 30 likes. It'll give you basic data, like your total reach (how many people have come into contact with your page in the past week). A step above that is total engaged (the number of people who've clicked, liked, commented or shared one of your posts). You can even learn when most of your fans tend to use Facebook, so you can time your posts for when the most people are likely to see it immediately. All in all, Insights is a valuable tool for absolutely no money and little effort on your part.