9 Sites That Let You View Your Web Traffic

YouTube Analytics
Get some in-depth details on your YouTube traffic by using YouTube Analytics. Nastco/ThinkStock

If any part of your site's traffic comes from YouTube videos or if your business's primary home is a YouTube channel, YouTube Analytics is a helpful tool. A YouTube channel can be optimized just as a website can, and you can get the data that can help you improve your channel from YouTube Analytics — for free.

YouTube Analytics packs a whole lot of information into just a few pages. You'll get all the demographic data on your audience and subscribers, plus your traffic sources, average page view duration and social media shares. You'll also learn about your audience's engagement: Do they watch your videos in entirety, and if not, where do they tend to stop? Once you've digested all of it, you'll have all the info you need to start optimizing, building your viewership and monetizing your channel. Whether you decide to tailor the content to your audience, make more interesting videos, change your design or all of the above, you'll have YouTube Analytics to thank for it.

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