How to Block Other Facebook Users

By: Karen Kirkpatrick

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

Click "hide all by …" to keep your friend's posts from appearing on your news feed.
Click "hide all by …" to keep your friend's posts from appearing on your news feed.
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Hiding someone on Facebook is the least extreme, most subtle way to keep someone's status updates from appearing on your home page. This might be the step you want to take with that old high school friend who can't seem to stop posting about how successful her business is or that casual acquaintance who shares way too many pictures of his gerbils -- or someone you see in real life and don't want to upset.

The "hide" option keeps a friend's posts (or posts from games, if you no longer want to be asked to help cultivate your friend's garden) from showing up on your home page. Your friend can still see and comment on your posts, send you messages and write on your wall. She will still show up on your friend list, so if you get wind of some important posting you missed, you can click over to her page to read a post or two.


To hide someone:

  1. Hover your mouse over the right side of one of his or her posts -- maybe one with the 43rd picture of Little Johnny getting his first haircut attached.
  2. An X will appear.
  3. Click the X.
  4. Click either "hide this post" if it's the only one from this person you find offensive or select "hide all by Little Johnny's Mommy" if you don't want any of her posts to appear on your page.

If you decide you want to enjoy more pictures of your friend's Aunt Mildred or maybe your political views change and you don't mind your friend's rants anymore, you can always bring their posts back to your page:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your home page.
  2. Click "edit options."
  3. In the box showing the list of friends you are hiding, click the X next to the friend's name you want to show again.
  4. Click "save."

Your friend's posts will once again be visible on your home page.

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