How to Edit Pictures on Facebook

Tips for Editing Pictures on Facebook

LunaPic is one of numerous editors that also appear as an app that integrates directly into Facebook.
LunaPic is one of numerous editors that also appear as an app that integrates directly into Facebook.
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When you're logged in to your Facebook account, there are two quick ways to begin sharing photos. Next to Share, click Photo, and then click either Upload a Photo (for a single image) or Create an Album (if you want to upload multiple pictures at once). For more details on how to upload pictures to Facebook, check out our article How to Upload Photos to Facebook.

Single photos are generally one-off images that don't need much in the way of organization. Multiple photos, however, get messy in a hurry if you upload them willy-nilly without any thought to how you might want to find them months or years from today.

Improve the way your photo collection is organized by keeping pictures in order on your hard drive. For example, you might want to create folders for the year, the month and then for the event you photographed. Then upload (carefully selected) images from a single event to a single album on Facebook.

For example, don't lump all of your Halloween photos from multiple years into one huge Halloween party album. Instead, include only pictures from one year. Name the album appropriately and clearly (Halloween Party 2012) to make your categorization system as user-friendly as possible.

After you upload your image collection, Facebook loads the Edit Album page, where you can edit many details of your photos. You can add a description (caption) to individual images, which is fun but time-consuming if you have a lot of pictures. Instead, you can click the Edit Info tab and enter a location and general description for the entire album.

Click the Edit Photos tab, and you'll see more options for photo organization. Simply click a photo and you can tag (name) the people in the image. Begin typing a person's name, and if that person is friends with you on Facebook, his or her name will automatically appear. Tagging is a quick process and makes it much easier for all of your friends to locate pictures featuring certain people.

Below each picture, you'll find the Move To drop-down menu. If you accidentally placed a photo in the wrong album, use this feature to move it to the correct place.

Facebook's photo tools are basic, but they're also fundamental to reining in sloppy catalogs that confuse your friends. And with online photo editors, the fun of image editing means your pictures will never be boring. Together, a nicely edited and organized batch of pictures will make your photos the star of the Facebook show.

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