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How to Manage Your Twitter Feed

Managing Your Twitter Feed on Your Mobile Device

TweetCaster is a mobile-specific application for using Twitter and available on nearly every device.
TweetCaster is a mobile-specific application for using Twitter and available on nearly every device.
Screenshot courtesy Shanna Freeman

If you have a smartphone and a Twitter account, you're probably going to want to Tweet that way, too. Official Twitter apps can improve your Twitter experience and help you manage your feed, but these have had varying degrees of success and popularity amongst users.

Many of the same apps available for your computer, such as TweetDeck, are also available for smartphones. There's also a mobile-specific app called TweetCaster. It has full Twitter functionality as well as some handy feed-management tools. For example, "zip it" allows you to hide Tweets that don't interest you without unfollowing the person doing the Tweeting. Many Twitter mobile apps have free versions with fewer features, but most do a good job of helping you manage your feed. Let's do a quick rundown of some of the most popular Twitter apps for different types of phones.


The latest version of the official Twitter app for Apple mobile devices has a trending topics bar across the top of the screen called the "quickbar," which takes up room when scrolling through your feed. Some users dislike it enough to "jailbreak", or unlock, their device to install Twizzler, an app that gets rid of the bar. Here are some other third-party apps for Apple mobile devices:

  • Twitterific - allows you to filter out both people you follow and trending topics
  • Echofon - has a mute feature for people you follow
  • Tweetlist - lets you view your lists and easily swap between them

The official Blackberry Twitter app is actually pretty popular and can be used to manage your lists. If you'd like to try a third-party app, though, here are a few contenders:

  • UberSocial - creates separate timelines for different filters and an "inner circle" filter for close friends
  • SocialScope - lets you save searches and lists and easily scroll through them, also integrates Facebook (currently in beta)

Some users have complained about the official Android Twitter app, saying that it's difficult to switch between filters and that it doesn't show your feed timeline when you start up the app. Check out these other apps:

  • Plume (formerly Touiteur) - lets you classify people and topics by color as well as filter lists and mute people and topics
  • Twidryod - all of the features of Plume, plus LivePreview (allows you to view links & media posted to Twitter next to the Tweet)

The official Windows Phone 7 app doesn't support the use of multiple Twitter accounts, which can be a problem for some users. There are other apps available that do, however:

  • Birdsong - maintains multiple lists and timelines, allows for infinite scrolling through feed
  • Twoziac - unlike other apps, has different ways to view lists: regular, histogram, or cloud

Now that you know there are so many different options for managing your Twitter feed, there's no reason to feel overwhelmed any more when you log in to your account. Time to start keeping up with everyone again in 140 characters or less!


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