How to Start a Blog

Writing Blogs

Blogs are typically more informal than most types of publication, tending to strike a conversational tone. Unlike corporate memos, academic papers or news articles, blogs are warmer and more personable. But that doesn't mean blog writing isn't a craft. Like all publications, you'll want to strive for clear writing and avoid obscurity. Indeed, this is arguably more important for blogs when compared to other publications, because your readers seek short, efficient posts rather than lengthy articles.

Once you've decided on a topic, it'll be much easier to find a voice for your blog. Your blog's voice is basically the style of your writing. You'll want to develop a personalized voice for your blog that reflects a unique personality. This is important, because what often keeps blog visitors coming back is that they appreciate an author's writing voice. So, for a comic book movie blog, for example, readers will initially check it out because they love comic book movies, but they'll continue visiting it on a daily basis because they love how the author expresses a loving respect for the subject.

Your exact voice may depend on the topic of your blog. For instance, it would make sense for a medical blog to strike a more serious tone, whereas a blog about video games might be more upbeat. To avoid offending your readership, you may want to avoid inappropriate language. However, if you write a humorous blog meant for college students, this rule won't necessarily apply. Likewise, writing about your pointed opinions on controversial topics will obviously risk alienating some readers. But this won't apply if you write a political blog for readers who share your ideology. And, of course, if you write the blog for your company, you'll probably want to be careful what you say and strike a more professional tone than the one you use for your personal blog.

Another important rule of blog writing is frequent posting. Although blog readers do seek short, easily digestible entries rather than articles, they also appreciate new posts that are regular and frequent. If you take breaks and fail to update your blog with new posts for days at a time, you risk losing your readership.