How to Use Twitter

Twitter Terminology

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to mastering -- or even attempting to use -- Twitter is the cutesy vernacular the site uses to describe its tools and functions. So, to start tweeting, or mentioning, it's necessary to first figure out the Twitter terminology:

  • Tweet -- a message that a Twitter user posts to his or her profile page.
  • Follow -- to subscribe to another user's tweets.
  • Retweet -- to forward a tweet posted by someone else to all of your followers.
  • Hashtag -- a number sign (#) placed before a word or phrase in the text of a tweet. A hashtag creates categories for tweets, allowing users to see similarly-themed message by clicking on it. The hashtag in "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously #NoamChomsky," for example, would categorize the tweet as relating to the author Noam Chomsky.
  • Reply -- a response to an existing tweet, posted by clicking the "reply" button. The reply text automatically begins with @username (the username of the person to whom you are replying). All replies to a user's tweets are logged under the @Mentions tab on the user's home page.
  • Mention -- a tweet update that contains @your username anywhere in the body of the tweet. Both new tweets and replies can be considered mentions.

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