How Bebo Works

Using Bebo

Once you've created your profile, your home page for Bebo lets you see what your friends are up to. It also allows you to subscribe to news feeds on a variety of subjects. Like other social networking sites, you can choose to incorporate applications into your Bebo profile. The apps you choose will show up on your home page.

At the top of the page is your navigation window. This includes your profile picture, page view stats and a section alerting you to any special notifications or event invitations you've received since your last visit. You can also use this section to add photos, videos or applications to your profile. Bebo even allows you to link to e-mail services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail from your profile page so you can check your e-mail without ever leaving Bebo.

Another section on the home page is the lifestream. This is where you'll see updates from your friends on Bebo. Your own lifestream can pull updates from several services such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. In most cases, you'll need to give Bebo your login information, including your password, to these sites. Once you do that, your Bebo profile will pull updates you make to your accounts on these sites and incorporate them into your lifestream.

To find friends on Bebo, you can start by inviting people you know onto the service or allow Bebo to access your e-mail contacts by providing your login information. As your friends list grows, you'll be able to see friends of friends. You'll have the option to add these people to your own friends list. You can even use Bebo's search bar to look for a specific person. You can also befriend users as you navigate through Bebo and look at images or videos. You'll see the profile pictures of other users who enjoyed the same content.