How Bebo Works

Benefits of Bebo

Bands can create profiles on Bebo and share music through the site.
Bands can create profiles on Bebo and share music through the site.
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The main benefit of Bebo is the same as any good online social networking site: It provides you a way to get in touch with old friends, meet new people and share content. In general, Bebo becomes more beneficial the more work you put into your profile. If you create a profile but don't bother to make friends or update your information, the site won't do much for you.

Being part of an active online social network can lead to other opportunities, too. Before the Web, you might not learn about a cool news story or see a funny video unless it showed up on television. But now news, videos, music, images, jokes and just about every other kind of information you can think of spreads virally across the Web. As one person discovers something interesting, he or she can share it with hundreds or thousands of other people through a social networking site. Then those people can share it with all of their friends. Before long, millions of people are sharing the same experience.

You can also use the site to see links in your network of friends which you may not have been aware of before. It may surprise you to learn that people from completely different friend circles know each other. You might even be able to leverage your growing network of friends to help you do anything from finding a new job to hunting for a place to live.

Bebo also gives you the opportunity to create your own content and share it with everyone else. The partnership with Motionbox gives you the chance to upload videos for all your friends to enjoy. You could create a video log and share your thoughts on hot topics. Or you could create your own episodic Web series and use Bebo to distribute it to your friends.

Bebo's ability to pull content from other Web sources helps make it a centralized storage house for your online life. By tweaking a few settings, Bebo can incorporate updates you make to half a dozen other Web sites and services into your Bebo profile. Your friends won't have to jump around different sites to find out what's up -- it's all right there in the Bebo profile.

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