How deviantART Works

Using deviantART

You must create an account before you can use deviantART.
You must create an account before you can use deviantART.
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As with most social networking Web sites, using deviantART requires you to create a personal account. To begin, you select a user name identifying you from the hordes of other artists on the site. Next, registration gives you a custom URL that looks like this:, where username is replaced by your chosen moniker.

In tandem with your password, your login name helps you control your personal gallery of artwork (aptly called deviations) and account settings. And each account comes with a customizable profile that lets you update personal information and tailor your user settings. You can upload a deviantID (a picture that's displayed next to your user name) and input personal details, such as your favorite band or favorite artists, in your Devious Info section. You can also write in your Journal, which is basically a blog where you can discuss your art or anything else that's on your mind.

Your profile also features a Newest section that highlights the most recent pictures you've uploaded. Anyone who browses your profile will immediately see these works. Those who appreciate your talent may click +deviantWATCH, which is the deviantART equivalent of bookmarking a Web site in your browser. People who watch your work are listed in your Watchers list, and they'll receive updates each time you upload new work.

You can watch other users, as well, and add particularly interesting works to your Favorites section. When you're browsing artwork throughout the site, you can simply click and drag an image into your Favorites. Those favorites appear in your personal profile so you can remember the artist and their work at a later date, and so other users can see what sort of art you prefer.

Your profile is totally customizable thanks to oodles of so-called modules that you can swap in and out of your page. You can add a Collections module that helps you organize work by projects, News, Polls, Webcams, Twitter, and Visitor modules, among others, thus tweaking the breadth and depth of information you share.