How Goodreads Works

Goodreads for Kids

While Goodreads is a great outlet for people who already love to read, it may be even more important for young children who are just beginning to find literature. With Goodreads extensive database, parents can find thousands of books for young readers. It's easy to rate individual books and leave comments.

There are several groups on Goodreads geared for younger readers. But parents should be aware that Goodreads' search engine pulls results from a huge database of books, some of which may not be appropriate for younger readers. Adult supervision is important. Just like any other social network, members can share information about themselves. After all, that's one way to make new friends and find people with similar interests. But parents may want to limit how much information people can find out about their children.

On Goodreads, children can find thousands of books appropriate for their age group. You can find everything from picture books for those not yet old enough to read to classics like J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit." Many Goodreads members have reviewed books for children. In some cases, a parent writes the review. In others, an adult may review a book he or she read years ago during childhood. And there are even reviews written by young readers themselves, giving their own unique perspective on the story.

While Goodreads is more for adults than kids, parents can use the community to find new stories to entertain their children and encourage an early love of reading.