How Goodreads Works

Benefits of Goodreads

If you use Goodreads to its full potential, you'll find a robust community of book lovers and a nearly endless list of recommendations. You'll also be able to join in discussions about your favorite novels and authors. By finding people who share your interests, you may be able to uncover a book you otherwise never would have discovered. You may even read and discuss the next bestseller before it gains widespread attention.

Another benefit is that it lets you organize your personal collection of books. You can use Goodreads to keep track of what you own and look for gaps within your collection. You may discover that your favorite author has a book you never purchased. Or a friend might introduce you to a new series of novels that you hadn't seen before.

And while the site is called Goodreads, you can also use it to warn people away from books you don't like. Not all books are good reads, and it's helpful to have a community that can steer you away from the stinkers. If you like, you can create a shelf of guilty pleasure books -- stories that you think are fun to read even if they don't qualify as fine literature.

Because authors can create special profiles in Goodreads, you may even get a chance to talk about stories with the people who wrote them. Imagine discussing character motivations, plot points, settings and pacing with the person who put the words to paper. You might find that the author planned out an unexpected twist in a series three books ahead of time. Or you may discover that one of your favorite moments in a book was a happy accident.

If you are an author, you can use Goodreads to help people find your work. Whether you've published dozens of novels in your career or you're unpublished and just starting out, you can use Goodreads to introduce yourself to potential readers. And by fostering a reader community, you strengthen the ties between your work and the people who read it.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Goodreads is that you'll have the chance to communicate with other people who love books as much as you do. You'll find virtual companionship and conversation throughout the site. And you might uncover an unexpected literary gem in the process.

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