How myYearbook Works

The login page for myYearbook has an interactive globe that shows recent member activity. See more pictures of popular web sites. screenshot

In 2005, two high school students decided that high school yearbooks weren't up to snuff. They felt students today have a lot more to share than any yearbook could contain. These two students, Dave Cook and Catherine Cook, decided to create an online social networking site based around the concept of a high school yearbook and myYearbook was born.

The site is more than just a virtual yearbook. Like other social networking sites, myYearbook lets members create profiles and interact with each other. In some ways, it's similar to sites like Facebook and MySpace. But myYearbook has many unique features of its own.

Dave and Catherine, the founders of the site, want myYearbook to be a social networking site that people stick with through high school and beyond. Ideally, myYearbook will let people not only connect with old friends and make new ones, but also network with potential employers.

In 2008, myYearbook became the fastest-growing social networking site in the United States. At that time, the site had more than 11 million members with 40,000 joining every day as of October 2008 [source: myYearbook]. Not a bad achievement for a couple of high school students.

While myYearbook has some catching up to do with behemoths like Facebook -- which boasts more than 200 million active users -- it continues to be a popular social networking site. The developers for myYearbook have incorporated several clever elements into the design of the site that attracts new members and keeps established members engaged. Users can play games, contribute to charitable causes or research projects, take quizzes or even use a dating service on the site.

Let's take a closer look at how to create a myYearbook profile.