How myYearbook Works

myYearbook Lunch Money

The founders of myYearbook came up with a clever idea to encourage people to join the site and visit it often: Lunch Money. Lunch Money is virtual currency. Some of the ways you can earn Lunch Money include creating an account, convincing friends to join myYearbook, completing certain tasks, winning battles and by logging in to the site. You can also earn more Lunch Money by upgrading to a VIP account. These accounts have a monthly fee ranging from $6.99 to $19.99 a month. Each level has additional privileges, including bonus Lunch Money.

What can you do with this virtual currency? You can purchase pictures of other members, adding them to your "owned" list. Other users can purchase your photo as well. As people buy the photos, Lunch Money goes to the person who "sold" the photo as well as to the person who originally uploaded the photo. The site determines photo prices by the user's popularity and the number of times the photo has been "purchased."

You can donate Lunch Money dollars to several different causes ranging from cancer research to funding for humane societies; however, there's a limit to the amount you can donate to each cause per day. You can also use the virtual cash to buy virtual presents for other myYearbook members. The site displays the gifts on the members' profile pages.

The concept of virtual currency isn't a new one -- the virtual world Second Life uses a virtual system called Linden Dollars and other sites like Facebook are experimenting with the idea, too. But myYearbook keeps its model simple. So far, you can't purchase any real-life items with Lunch Money dollars. But you can add some bling to another person's profile or guide the direction of real-world charitable donations.