How Quizilla Works

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It seems like everyone's favorite Internet pastime these days is taking quizzes. Whether you're passing around quizzes via e-mail, posting them to Facebook or MySpace, or putting them on message boards, quizzes can be a fun way to test your friends' trivia skills or categorize their personality in a clever way. Whether you want to know which 17th-century poet you are or which Harry Potter character you'd be most likely to date, there's a quiz for you. And if there isn't, you can make one yourself.

Quizilla is one of the most popular quiz sites in the world. But Quizilla doesn't just host quizzes, it allows users to make their own, which means there are quizzes on Quizilla covering every topic you can imagine. Plus, Quizilla's users create stories, poems and other creative works to go along with their quizzing fun. It's also easy to post quizzes created on Quizilla to other social networking Web sites. In fact, Quizilla itself is a social networking Web site -- its forums have thousands of users.

What is Quizilla, when did it start, and how has it changed? More importantly, how do you use it? Don't worry, this isn't a quiz -- we'll answer all your Quizilla questions starting on the next page.