How Stickam Works

The Stickam Account

You can view some Stickam live feeds without creating an account. Just visit the Web site and you can browse all the public live feeds. But Stickam users can choose to restrict who can see their video feeds. To increase your access you'll need to generate your own account.

To create a new account from scratch, you'll need to provide a username, valid e-mail address and password. You'll also need to indicate your gender and enter your birthday. Stickam members must be at least 14 years old. You'll want to double-check your information before you move on -- Stickam doesn't let you change your gender or birthday information once you've created your account. Finally, you'll be asked to fill in a CAPTCHA test to prove you're not an automatic script -- also known as a bot -- flooding the site with spam.

After creating your account, Stickam will send a message to the e-mail address you used during registration. You'll need to click on the link inside the message or paste it into your Web browser to confirm your account. If you don't confirm, Stickam will void your new account after seven days. Confirming your account will also prompt Stickam to ask you if you want to invite friends to the service.

Once you create your account, Stickam will present several options to you. If you have a working webcam ready to go, you can start streaming live video right away. You can also browse other video feeds or upload pre-recorded media. Other options include joining group discussions focused on a particular topic or inviting your friends to join Stickam. Or you can choose to fill out your profile information.

Your Stickam profile will look familiar to you if you've used other social networking sites. You can fill out information about yourself, upload a profile picture and make changes to your account settings.

That's enough talk about user accounts -- let's get to the streaming video!