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A Stickam member profile page
A Stickam member profile page
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Most of Stickam's features center around streaming live video. You can use Stickam to broadcast video over the Web the same way a television studio sends content to televisions. But you can also engage in an interactive experience with other users, pushing Stickam beyond the limitations of your average television set.

Stickam users can create chat or debate rooms and invite others to join. The person who creates the room becomes the administrator and has control over the room's settings. The administrator can create an open chat room where any other Stickam member can join or restrict the room with a password.

Chat rooms can hold more than 100 members at a time. Up to 12 Stickam members can display video in the browser window. The window also has a chat client that allows people who aren't in the top 12 -- or those who don't have microphones or cameras -- to participate by typing their comments.

The administrator can choose who's allowed to speak and can even boot people from the room if necessary. Stickam also allows the administrator to appoint moderators. That can come in handy if the room is popular.

Like other social networking sites, you can send friend requests to fellow members. Once your new friend accepts your request, you'll be able to see when he or she is online as you log in to Stickam. Linking Stickam to a Facebook or Twitter account can also keep friends informed when you hit the online airwaves. Stickam supports the integration of these Web services -- you enter your login information for the service at Stickam and an automatic notice will go to your Facebook or Twitter account whenever you go live.

You can also subscribe to someone on Stickam. This gives you the option to have Stickam send you a message via e-mail, SMS or AOL Instant Messenger when that person is broadcasting.

Bands, journalists, writers, actors and artists have all used Stickam to connect and grow a network of fans. The viewers get the chance to interact with some of their favorite personalities.