How Stickam Works

Stickam Privacy Settings and Terms of Service

According to Web analyst companies like Alexa and Quantcast, most of Stickam's users are between the ages of 13 and 34. Just more than half of the user base is male. The site's demographics have inspired some analysts to claim that Stickam is the live streaming video service for the young crowd looking to socialize online.

By creating an account, a user agrees to obey Stickam's terms of service. These terms establish restrictions on the kind of content users can broadcast. According to the terms, it's against the rules to use Stickam to perpetuate fraud, harass individuals, distribute malware or stream content that is indecent or obscene. The terms don't define what Stickam considers to be indecent or obscene.

The terms also attempt to absolve Stickam of any supervisory capacity. In the section on parental control protections, Stickam notes that "AVC cannot be held responsible for any Content Posted by Stickam users which may be offensive, indecent or objectionable" [source: Stickam]. While Stickam's policy states that such material is against the rules, enforcing the policy is difficult when live streaming is involved.

The AVC mentioned above is Stickam's parent company: Advanced Video Communications. The company also owns and operates a service called PayPerLive. Stickam members with a PayPerLive account can charge other Stickam and PayPerLive members money to view their live streams. While Stickam has an age limit of 14 for members, you must be at least 18 years old to have a PayPerLive account.

It's against Stickam's rules to broadcast any content for which you don't own the rights. In other words, you shouldn't stream movies or music if you don't hold the copyright. Stickam will send messages to anyone who ignores these rules and may even go so far as to delete the user's account. Users also aren't allowed to turn their Stickam accounts into a way to make money, apart from subscribing to the PayPerLive service.