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By: Jessika Toothman

StumbleUpon Society

Use the Connect With Friends option to find your friends.
Use the Connect With Friends option to find your friends.
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Now that we've looked into what you can do in your Favorites tab, let's slide over and check out the Friends tab. You can begin collecting friends by searching for people you already know who use SU and subscribe to their stumbles. In other words, pages that your friends have rated will pop up from time to time while you're stumbling. Subscribe to your friends' stumbles by searching for their usernames or e-mail addresses in the Find A Friend search bar on the lower left-hand portion of your Friends page. Or, you can click the Connect With Friends option, located on the right taskbar of your profile page. There, you'll be prompted to search a variety of other Web sites to see if any of your contacts are already stumblers. MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL and Facebook are among the choices.

Friends don't necessarily have to be people you already know. The idea is to add people as friends who have similar interests as you, so you can build your stumbling experience into a wider network of cool Web pages. And don't get confused if you see the term fan. When you add friends, you become their fan and vice versa. As people become fans of yours, you'll all be stumbling along together as members of the StumbleUpon society.


Groups are a popular feature of The easiest way to access these groups is to go through the main People tab and choose a topic. SU will recommend some groups, as well as popular stumbles in that category and users who share that common interest. You can search for all different kinds of groups and if you see one you like, you should join. Then you can start forum discussions, exchange information and advice, and post messages on existing conversations. There are groups dedicated to all kinds of topics. Some of the most popular groups are Firefox, Awesome Pictures, Bizarre Hunter, Photography and Music Geeks.

Once you've joined a group, a new Groups tab will be available on your main profile page. While you're on the Groups tab, suggested groups you might enjoy will pop up below the taskbar. You can get more suggestions if you follow the link beneath your top matches. From there you can also search the newest groups as well as SU's entire collection of groups.

Believe it or not, these were really just the basics of the StumbleUpon world. The best route to take from here is to start exploring. Check out the rest of the links on your profile page to see where they take you; discover what other stumblers are up to; join a few groups; and become a fan of cool stumblers. Above all, rate pages. The more pages you rate, the better results you and those who share your interests will receive. Visit the links below to learn more about

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