How Tagged Works

Benefits of Tagged

If you're willing to work through the registration process, you'll find a social networking site that may help you connect with new and old friends. Browsing and searching features make this process easy.

With the Search command, you can perform a search using specific criteria, such as high school or ZIP code. Tagged then returns a list of registered users you can sift through. If you see someone you recognize, you can send them a message and connect them to your Tagged network.

You can also search for profile keywords. For instance, if you want to find users in your area who like to take pictures, you can enter "photographer," view a list of results, and then narrow the list by age and location. Using this tool, you can quickly find other people who enjoy similar activities or topics and send them a contact message in just a few moments.

The Meet Me feature lets you set a few criteria, such as age and location, and at your command, queues a list of randomly selected users for you to browse. If you indicate you're interested in being friends with someone, you can click Yes, and your photo goes into the other person's Meet Me list; if they click Yes, too, you become Tagged friends. Don't have time for games? You can enter chat rooms whenever you like and meet people right away. The chat rooms are divided by age and location, making it easy for you to find other users like yourself.

If you need a break from the many networking features on Tagged, you can play games, too. Mafia Wars and various poker games are popular. Or you can watch videos and upload photo albums for other users to view.

But social networking is the biggest focus of this site. To that end, you can also use the Tag command to send special messages to your new friends, thereby "tagging" them and inviting the same in return.

Although you have to tread carefully to avoid spamming your e-mail contacts, Tagged is a legitimate community with millions of frequent visitors. If you're addicted to social networking sites, Tagged may be the kind of online community you can use to find new friends.

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