How WeeWorld Works

By: John Fuller

Using WeeWorld

WeeWorld users control their avatars to chat, socialize and play games.
WeeWorld users control their avatars to chat, socialize and play games.

To get started in WeeWorld, users visit the site's home page. In fact, you can start making your personal WeeMee avatar right there -- a big blue button that says "Create a WeeMee" begins the process. Users can choose their WeeMee's gender, skin tone and eye color. Avatars start off bald, but the introductory page lets you pick from several different hairstyles. You can also select a particular facial expression to begin: You can either stick with the generic happy face all WeeMees have in the beginning or go with a host of others, including sad, angry, confused, surprised, neutral and many others. And if you want to cover up your WeeMee's underwear, users can look through clothes like T-shirts, polo shirts, jeans and sneakers and put together an initial outfit.

Of course, users aren't locked into these initial choices -- it's possible to change your WeeMee's features later on, depending on your mood. For instance, if one day you're feeling a little glum, selecting a sad face might fit; a mischievous day, on the other hand, might merit a crooked smirk.


After you finish selecting all of your character's basic physical features, you'll be brought to another screen where you'll be asked to officially create a profile. The site requires the usual information, including first and last name, personal username, password, e-mail address, birthday, country and ZIP code.

Once you're done, it's time to explore. You can change your WeeMee's appearance as often as you like, create and edit your WeeMee's room, look for friends or wander around the virtual WeeMee world. WeeWorld, in beta form, is where the game shares a lot in common with other online communities like Second Life and Zwinky. You control your WeeMee avatar in a video game-like interface, interacting and chatting with other WeeMee users along the way.

There are several different places to go in WeeWorld, and each has its own function; we'll talk about that on the next page.