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Most of us know that Internet communities and social networking sites are popular, but how do blogs, podcasts, wikis and companies like Digg and MySpace work? Learn more in the Social Networking section.

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LinkedIn is a social networking site geared toward professionals where you can look for a job, find sales leads or connect with colleagues. So how is it different than all the other networking sites?

By Dave Roos

A social networking site originally created for Harvard students, Facebook is now open for anyone to join -- and it currently has 750 million active users. What features have made it such a big success?

By Jonathan Strickland

Yes, it's still around. Second Life is a 3D virtual world where you can live in a castle, fly to dance clubs and change your appearance with a click of your mouse. So what's up with it now?

By Jonathan Strickland & Chris Pollette


Online social networks are a great way to meet people and keep in touch with friends. Learn more about online social networks in this article.

By Dave Roos

Can Facebook get you $10 million? It can if you're a software developer who's generous with his ideas. The fbFund is offering grants to creative developers, but how do you get one? And if you're not a developer, how else can you make money on the Web

By Josh Clark

One of Web's most explosive phenomena, MySpace grew to 54 million profiles seemingly overnight. Find out what MySpace really is, how it blew past the competition and why Rupert Murdoch thought it was worth $580 million.

By Julia Layton & Patrick Brothers

What is revolutionary about Second Life is that it's not only legal to make real money from your character's virtual endeavors -- it's encouraged. The exchange of your accumulated virtual dollars into "real" dollars is built into the system.

By Julia Layton


When MySpace claimed there was no way to patrol its own profiles for sexual predators, Wired News editor and former hacker Kevin Poulsen took it as a challenge.

By Julia Layton is a user-driven news Web site that lets people find, submit, review and feature stories from every corner of the Web.

By Julia Layton

Blogs serve as online journals and communities, often linking to news stories and other sites. Learn the basics of blogging, explore the blogosphere and find out how to create your own.

By Marshall Brain

Social networking and e-commerce may be all the rage, but many internet pioneers originally used the Internet for sharing ideas among large groups of people. Newsgroups were fundamental to early internet communication, and they're still good sources of information today.

By Jeff Tyson