How to Add Music to Facebook

Facebook Music Applications

Music sharing Web site Spotify
Music sharing Web site Spotify helps you create a social network around your musical taste, and enables you to share your playlists with your Facebook friends.
Image courtesy of Spotify

When you want to do more with music in Facebook than post links, you can use Facebook apps. Start by visiting an app's page in Facebook to read more about it. Remember that Facebook isn't responsible for any actions taken by third-party apps, so check user reviews before making the commitment. When you're ready to start using an app, click the "go to app" button at the top of the page and authorize it for your account, or click the "add to my page" link on the left to select a specific page to use the app other than your Facebook home page.

The following are just a few of the music apps available for Facebook that can help you share existing tracks on the Internet:


  • Spotify, a subscription-based service, lets you access your favorite tunes from anywhere. Part of that access is through its Facebook app, which includes a connection to Facebook from Spotify and options to share music with friends who are also using the app.
  • The app simply called Music lets you upload a music file or add a direct link to an existing audio or video file. After you've uploaded a track, you can use the app to play your own music or to listen to music your friends have shared through the same app.
  • Profile Song offers a separate interface outside your Facebook wall where you can find the videos of music you love and post links to them to your wall. When friends click the link posted by Profile Song, they can watch that video in the Profile Song app. You can also use Profile Song to check out what posts your friends have made using the app.
  • MixPod lets you search for music and create playlists of existing videos from other Web sites like YouTube. The MixPod Facebook app lets you post a playlist to your wall where, as with other videos, you and your friends can play and enjoy the tunes.

So far, we've looked at the various ways to connect to music that's already available online. Next, find out how to use Facebook to upload and share your own recordings.