How to Use Facebook

Facebook Posts and Shares

With Facebook's "share" feature, it's easy to pass that funny article on to family and friends.
With Facebook's "share" feature, it's easy to pass that funny article on to family and friends.

In addition to updating your status to let people know what you're up to, Facebook is a great place to share found content of all sorts. Did you come across an interesting article or a funny quote, or did you love a beautiful picture that your friend posted? You can use Facebook to broadcast or rebroadcast this content to your friends.

Notice that under your friends' status updates there are only the options to "comment" or "like" it, whereas under other content posted to Facebook, including news, photos or video, the option exists to "share" this content. If you're inspired by your friends' news or content, click the "share" button, head it with a quick comment, and click the button to post it to your own wall.

If the content you'd like to share comes from outside Facebook, it's equally easy. The quickest way to share content you found elsewhere is to copy and paste the link into the "What's on your mind?" bar. Notice that once you paste the link, Facebook automatically displays your content as a link, likely with a couple options for pictures to accompany it. Most Facebook users choose to add a short, personalized comment to the content they share.

Finally, many Web sites allow you to share content on Facebook directly from their sites. Especially on news sites, you might notice the Facebook icon (along with other icons, usually including Twitter), either along the top, side or bottom of the page. From here, all you have to do to share this content on Facebook is click the Facebook icon and follow the prompts. A link to this page will appear on your wall, just as if you'd shared the content from within Facebook itself.

What about all those photos and videos you've been dying to show off? More on that next.