How to Make a Fan Page on Facebook

Tips for Making a Good Fan Page on Facebook

Each and every area on your fan page is an opportunity to be funny, creative, smart or interesting. Select "favorites" for your page that will resonate with fans, describe your project in a clever way, and think outside the box. Use the five-picture photostrip at the top of your page in a genius way -- tell a story, spread one image across the strip, or represent five different states of your project, for example -- and you'll gain fans on sight that had never even heard of you beforehand.

We'll talk in a bit about updating your fan page with posts and content, but you should think about pictures and videos as well, even at this stage. For a business, this can be as simple as including photos of a new product or a successful event. Bands should offer backstage and candid photos of the artists. Other creative types can get a lot of mileage out of convention appearances or other interactions with fans. Basically, include anything that makes members of the community feel that they're connecting to you and your brand in a way that makes the relationship worthwhile.

Remember: A Facebook page is not a Web site, a blog or a Twitter account.

For example, if you're a design or advertising company, obviously you'll want to break up a never-ending stream of logos and product designs with more human elements, photographs of personnel, and visuals and videos of similar content by other designers you admire. The point of starting a Facebook fan page is to reach out and touch somebody: No matter how amazing your four-color branding exercises are, without offering fans a chance to know the human team behind them, you might as well just be showing a corporate portfolio.

If you're a Facebook user, you know how annoying it can be when a business or community posts constantly on your wall about things that don't matter. Of course, if you're trying to advertise your site or fan page, that comes with the territory -- just remember that you can annoy fans away with too much content noise. After all, it's as simple as clicking that "like" button one more time, and you've lost their eyeballs.

What are some good ways to draw attention to your page? Read on to find out.