How to Make a Fan Page on Facebook

Tips for Maintaining a Great Facebook Fan Page

Remember that every social account you open represents a certain amount of ongoing effort, so if it's likely you're going to give up on a given account, don't bother opening it. Nothing spells certain death for a prospective fan like a page that hasn't been updated in a year.

It's also important to remember the individual demands of each network. You can't just put the same content out in every stream, because you're creating different relationships with different fan groups. Even though many networks are quickly learning to combine and work with each other, the fact is that every social network is designed for a different purpose. Learning to use Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr wisely means using them each for their specific purpose. If you simply post the same information, jokes or content to every stream available, you're running the huge risk that an annoyed fan will cut you out of the equation on at least one network, if not more.

So, you've created and publicized the page, and now your Facebook popularity is blowing up. On the one hand, it's exciting and comforting to see your number of friends growing each day. But on the other hand, your work has only just begun. That was the easy part.

Now you have to tend that garden. Start conversations, ask questions, elicit feedback about your project or your page, update with photos and videos (not only of your brand and team, but of other stuff your team enjoys), reach out to fans whenever possible, invent contests or just-for-fun hashtag games related to your brand category, upload and tag pictures from events, reciprocate other users' kind mentions of your brand, and watch out for PR opportunities (and nightmares).

Have you run into a problem with your page? Read on for some troubleshooting tips and hints.