How to Make a Fan Page on Facebook

Your Facebook Fan Community

Any community discussion opens your business up to trolls, fan fights, crazies and every other obnoxious behavior you find on the Internet. The only difference between your fan page and some forum where you might find yourself or your brand discussed? This is your turf. You're responsible for the hurt feelings, the weird fights and all the rest of the regrettable behavior that anonymity and passion can sometimes invoke.

By paying attention to the threads and posts on your page -- even though it can be an intimidating task -- you can get to know your fans and make sure any damage is limited. It's up to you to take possession of your page and the way your fans act, and it's definitely implied when you undertake a project like this.

Beyond providing ongoing content, watching out for trouble spots among the fans and remembering not to repeat yourself too often, you can also look at improving the experience directly. Some major corporations and artists have a whole multimedia dog-and-pony show they've paid somebody a great deal to develop -- but there's nothing stopping you from looking into their work for inspiration about other ways to make your fan page pop.

Apps like ReverbNation and BandPage, for bands, can add a lot of glitz and functionality to your page. Explore ways of integrating applications and other gadgets into your page to simplify life or brighten the look, but always remember that a fan page exists primarily to keep people involved in your brand and your work, and to allow you to show your gratitude for their interest in your work.

Lots of companies and artists talk a good game about loving the fans, but your Facebook fan page is a simple-to-use, instant-feedback, delightfully intimate way to thank your fans directly.

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