How to Post a Perfect Tweet

What Makes a Tweet Good?

Having a grasp of all the elements mentioned on the last page is important, but throwing those pieces together doesn't automatically create a good tweet. After all, you could just take a picture of a blank wall and @mention a celebrity. That's not a very efficient use of image or a mention, is it? Twitter is primarily a medium for sharing information. Finding the right information to share using just a couple of sentences is the key to posting the perfect tweet, and that's something only you can determine based on the audience you have or hope to create. Do you want people to follow you for your personality? If so, funny, personal tweets -- perhaps self-deprecating or pointing out something unexpected that happened to you in your daily life -- can bring you closer to your audience. If you want to be taken as an expert, make pointed observations without being dry and boring.

Sharing information doesn't just mean sharing every thought that comes into your head. In fact, your tweets don't always have to be your thoughts. Twitter moves fast, and hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of people may see your tweets when you build up a following. Use it as a medium to spread quality Internet media that will interest your followers, like an editorial about Apple's latest game-changing product, an expose of corrupt politicians, or a meticulously animated video created by graphic design students. To use Twitter responsibly, share things you genuinely think other people should know about.

There are plenty of other great tweeters to learn from. In the technology industry, VeronicaBelmont is a smart tweeter to follow: She frequently posts interesting commentary on geek and tech culture while referencing other popular Twitter members. For another themed account like SeinfeldStories, follow FakeAPStylebook. The popular Twitter account's jokes about writing and grammar even spawned a book [source: TheBureauChiefs]. Joke accounts have to be consistently funny and post well-written tweets to differentiate themselves and gain a following.

So have at it! Go tweet to your heart's content. Just remember to know your audience, pace yourself and put a little thought into your tweets. And keep following other tweeters who have mastered the art of commanding an audience in 140 characters or less. If you tweet as well as they do, you might just build up a following, too.

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