How to Link Facebook and Twitter

By: Jane McGrath

How do you maximize your Facebook and Twitter use?
How do you maximize your Facebook and Twitter use?
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Staying ultra-connected and active with multiple [url='527954']social networking[/url] platforms can get daunting after a while. You may love to share your updates as a personal hobby, or perhaps you have professional pressure to keep an ongoing presence online. Whatever the case, anything that comes along to simplify any redundant tasks is probably welcome news.

[url='436662']Facebook[/url] and [url='436745']Twitter[/url], of course, represent two of the biggest and most important social networks on the Internet. And many people use both because they serve very different functions. Facebook is a comprehensive social network where users tend to share more details and personal data with friends on their profiles. It also offers users many features, including the ability to post photo albums, create events and use applications, including games and quizzes.


Twitter, on the other hand, has a simpler layout and narrower focus. Twitter users share information in quick nuggets that can only extend to at most 140 characters. You can also sign up to "follow" other users. So, when you log in, you'll see a list of the latest "tweets" from all the people you follow. This format and length constraint allows for users to see at a glance many short bits of information from their friends or favorite celebrities and public figures.

Although Facebook and Twitter have very different functions, you can see how they can overlap. People who have accounts with both networks may have information that they want to quickly share across both platforms. Instead of logging into both networks and plugging in the same information twice, you can opt to link your two accounts. Linking them would allow you to post information on one platform while automatically posting the same information on the other.

Like skinning a cat, there's more than one way to link your accounts, and the method that's best for you will depend on your individual preference and how you use each platform.

Connect Twitter to Facebook

The simplest way to link [url='436662']Facebook[/url] and [url='436745']Twitter[/url] is to use the Twitter application (or app) on Facebook. While on Facebook, use the search bar to find the app simply titled "Twitter." From the app page, click "Sign in with Twitter," and it will ask you to plug in your Twitter sign-in information (or it might automatically detect your account if you're already signed in with Twitter). The next page will let you know that your accounts are connected. Make sure to click the box under "App permissions" that allows Twitter to post updates to your Facebook profile. And, voila! Your tweets should now automatically show up on your Facebook profile. Administrators of Facebook fan pages can also take advantage of this application.

But the Twitter app won't carry over certain tweets, like @replies. If you want more control over what kinds of tweets carry over, try the "Smart Tweets" app. This app will give you the option to include or not include @replies, @mentions, retweets and #hashtags.


But perhaps you don't want too many tweets to carry over to Facebook. Maybe you're a prolific Twitter user who only wants a few of your tweets to post on your Facebook profile. To do that, you may want to use the "Selective Tweet Status" app on Facebook. This is also simple to use. When you sign up, your tweets will only carry over to Facebook if you end them with the "#fb" hashtag.

There are still more programs that you can use to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can even use Twitterfeed, for example, to reverse the direction these other applications take and post your Facebook status updates to Twitter, but this is slightly more complicated to configure [source: Messieh].

In the end, whichever method you choose ideally should fit your needs and streamline your social network updates, saving you time and effort.

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